It is a very emotional moment for any company owner to launch its website! This is the moment wherein the dreams and passion that have been nurtured in one’s heart finally face accomplishment. An emotional moment, when a baby is being whose wait had been done since years is now finally born.

Holding so much of importance being the brand promoter, any website can be the controlling factor in deciding one’s business turn over. While this means that website can get the right business and the dreamt success for one, this also means that any mistake in putting a website properly would also lead to a fatal website that could tremendously bring down one’s business.

This calls to employ committed web designers whose learning and abilities could do justice with the organization’s respect. It is a greater duty that lies in the hands of the company owner to ensure in the event that they are employing the correct web designer.

To make sure the game is played right make sure the following things could be checked off:

  • Does the company has enough experience dealing with the taste of project upcoming project?
  • How likely the referees in the portfolio still using the design?
  • Are the referrals easy to be contacted?
  • If the client needs branding will the company be able to take up the need?
  • In case if the need is to fulfil the requirement of marketing, conversion rate work or SEO, is firm ready to take up that responsibility as well?

Making sure the important information and details are not missed team adheres to the following guideline, which even replies for the why sticking in one’s mind!

  • Soaking of information

The client is the major object in this stage. It is very important to take note of the various events, incidents, facts and information a client wants to get incorporated along with the technical details which is the specialty of velvetech.

  • Planning and Designing

Appearance or outlook is been decided. Look and feel are adjusted as per the client’s need and made sure that the website is as responsive as technical. Making sure the developing language and the technical knowledge both come in proper sync to come up with a proper template: attractive, alluring and informative!

  • Content Assembly

Making sure the informing tone is conveying as well as interesting. Bringing the factual data with some relaxing notes and tips is what the team of velvetech looks forward to.

  • Coding and Testing

This is bringing all technical kinds of stuff under one highlight. Coming with a technological savvy website designed in a variety of suitable language. As per the need, languages range from HTML, Ajax, or even JAVA script. The artistic, creative and experienced team uses its expertise and brings in the right developing tools and methods to make sure they get hold of a stunning website. Before presenting it to the client, the final round of testing and touch-ups make sure the website is working intact and good!

  • Review and Launch and Maintenance

The final day it is! Getting client’s feedback and making changes if any then coupled with the launch of the website. The launch initiated with a promise of keeping website maintained well by velvetech to keep the business doing well!