Hasil gambar untuk bathroom tiles

You have to select the bathroom tiles which do not absorb more amount of water. Make sure that they are stain resistant. You can use them for floors, walls, showers and tubs. You can easily fix them around the tub with a little preparation. First you have to prepare the materials required, before installing the tiles. You have to measure the wall where you have to fix them and make sure that they fit. To find out the square-footage you have to multiply the height of the wall to the width. You have to get the tiles from a quality manufacturer and order some extra quantities of the tiles for future replacement purposes. Around the bathtub, you have to fix the cement board with the screws on a plywood or drywall. Cover the cement board with the tape to fix properly.

You have to lay the bathroom tiles perfectly around the tub to get a good appearance. You have to measure the number of rows required to install the tiles by marking them using one tile. Before installing you should know the number of tiles that fit in a row and column. In the arrangement, if there is any gap at the last part of the wall, arrange them far apart so you do need to cut them and fix in that area. You can use notched trowel to apply the mortar or mastic adhesives on the wall. Before applying the mortar, cover all the other fixtures with towel rolls near the bathtub to avoid damages. First apply the mortar to the small section and use a knife to remove the extra mortar from the wall. You have to place the tiles carefully on the mortar and make sure that they are in a straight line. Work up from the bottom and measure that the gaps between the tiles are equal. Let them dry for one day before applying the grout.

When you’re using the bathroom tiles around the tub, you can use unsanded grout and add some latex milk additive to it. Spread the grout using a rubber float and make sure that they are even. Remove the excess grout using a towel before moving to the next area. After installing the tiles around the tub, clean the tiles with the sponge to take away the unwanted particles. You must wipe the wall in a 45-degree angle and not in a top to down direction. Allow the surface to dry for many hours before using the space. They will look perfect when you install them straight. To get a clean and hygienic look, you have clean the surface regularly with the cleaners. Do not use any acidic solution on the tiles and make sure that they are kept dry after the usage. You can install them and create a new appearance to the room.